Stewart Bell

I bought and fitted both a Scorpion FT hook and a PinPoint trigger set to my rifle. Each of these has exceeded expectations. Fit and finish is excellent, and the adjustability is spot on. I would buy another one in a heartbeat, but they are built like a tank, so it seems highly unlikely I’ll need to. Great product, and a good guy to deal with as well.

Stewart Bell - Salisbury, UK

Lance Hopkins

Excellent service.
Ordered on a Sunday – received a text checking my exact requirements. Despatched (after Bank Holiday) on Tuesday – delivered on Wednesday.
Securely packaged
One happy gunner – will definitely recommend to others!!

Lance Hopkins - Cambs, UK

Scott J Higgerson

My EasyPin Extra arrived today !
Just wanted to say this is a quality part in every aspect.
Thanks to Maestro – Design…

Scott J Higgerson - Blaine, WA USA

Marc Tearne

Great service and communication. I purchased a number of Maestro-Design products that I thought ‘might’ be useful and they work better than I hoped. Thanks for the products and service!

Marc Tearne - Cambridge, UK

Phil Clark

Recently asked Andras at maestro to make me a bespoke barrel weight for my 800 ft
made and delivered within a week excellent work item is spot on what I asked for and terrific service

Phil Clark - Durham, UK

Nigel Dutton

Bought the JOPA bipod. Just what was needed. Light foldable and well made. Pleasure to deal with you and very prompt next day delivery.

Nigel Dutton - North Wales

Stu Nelson

I have just purchased the Scorpion fully adjustable FT Hook. The quality is superb. I also had Andras make me a custom oval base plate, just sent him a couple of pictures and dimensions and he made it up the same night. Received everything 2 days after placing order. Great service , thanks Andras.

Stu Nelson - Hampshire, UK

Brian McCarter

I rarely buy any item of kit these days without word of mouth recommendation or internet research. I recently bought a FolloWing from Maestro Design to add to my Grunig and Elmiger butt hook. This item arrived promptly and, in my opinion, it is a masterpiece of design, manufacture and function and is well fit for purpose.

Brian McCarter - South East

Ian Jerram

Excellent service as usual, item arrived next day, securely packaged.
5 star service, highly recommended

Ian Jerram - Staffordshire, UK

Neil MacKinnon

Adjustable Forend – 130mm

I have been looking at lifters for a while and decided the Maestro design suited me perfectly. Having given it a thorough testing over the last week, I am more than pleased with my choice. Two of my clubmates are now considering getting a couple.

You need to be a little careful with the quick release levers, as adjusting while sitting means they can end up at odd angles, but this is more and aesthetic rather than functional thing.

The quick release levers work well and the quality of finish and construction is what you would expect from Andras’s products. There is no sloppiness in the pivots, once everything is locked, it is solid.

Neil MacKinnon - South West England

Geoff Sharples

I have purchased 3 items from Andras and in each case have received not only well made and well designed pieces but also excellent customer care. Nothing seems to be too much trouble. I bought a UKNeil pellet sizer but when it arrived the body of the sizer was hexagonal not round as was expected. I contacted Andras and all I had to do was to give him the dimensions of the sizer and he did the rest. When the holder/inkwell arrived the hexagonal sizer fitted perfectly.
A pleasure to deal with and I cannot recommend highly enough. I will no doubt be in contact in the future.

Geoff Sharples - Yorkshire, UK

Jeremy Stamp

Bought the knee rest from Andras and fitted in minutes. Can be altered in height in seconds. Construction is very robust but light at the same time. The best thing it can be switched from rifle to rifle.

Jeremy Stamp - Devon, UK


Not only does Andras design and make highly innovative accessories but, his personal attention to customer service is exemplary.
A pleasure to deal with and highly recommended.

Sake-san - 24 France

Colin Eaton

Ordered a SteadyWing for my FTP, arrived next day and it fitted perfectly.
Excellent service and an excellent item, thank you András.

Colin Eaton - Essex, UK

Ken Swift

I fitted a 3d printed trigger a few weeks ago to my steyr lg110 HFT 2014 rifle. the 3d trigger blades are well made plus they as I brought a few to try from to get the best feel all feel great along with looking good. they only take a quick 2 minutes to install when you decide with one to try or use. plus they are very easy to set up, I also got the vertical trigger blade too what I am using now as it feels & works spot on for me.

Ken Swift - Bromsgrove, UK

Keith Holter

a great person to deal with. purchased a flexi point trigger for my hamerli ar20 ft a while a go, so pleased with it I am going to change the mpr trigger on my air arms s400f to a flexi point. Just bought a DualCore 125 mm (5″) sidewheel and a smart pin linear pointer for my Falcon Menace 5.5×25-50 ffp.
It looks great was very east to fit and set up, needless to say I am delighted with all my purchases and would not hesitate to recommend this company.

member of Iden Ferns Air Rifle club East Sussex

Keith Holter - East Sussex, England

Gergely Báder

Hello Maestro and all the Competitors around the world!

I got my brand new custom gadget of my rifle. The FlexiPoint trigger from Maestro. Okay I have to tell you, this is completly different thing as the other triggers:

The material – Perfect touch, not gripped but you don’t need because the material. Brilliant.
The shape – I use the round one but got another 2 with the package what is really good chance to test what your fingers like.
The flexibility – I thought it would be easy to install. It wasn’t at all but who cares? It was about 30 minutes but you have to make that once in a lifetime! And trust me you will find the best position with this! Even if your fingers like Shrek’s.
All the screws are high quality, you don’t have to be a Schwarzenegger to fix them.

Before the buying I have had a chance to speak with András and this kindly guy gave me some really useful suggestions. Thank you my friend! Last weekend I showed this jewellery to the competitor buddies and everybody (yes I said everybody) liked that! Some of them have ordered this trigger since then. Now I am not only happy but proud a lot! Because it’s a beautiful custom part of my gun and maybe was a brave but a really good choice. All the deal was done smoothly.

Okay this is the end because I have to go shoot a couple!

Thanks András I hope your company will be succesful in the future and you can make some similarly brilliant items like this!

For anybody who would hesitate now: don’t do that!

All the best!

Gergely Báder - Hungary

Daniel Ribeiro

Just wanted to say that I received my order today.

The plastic touch does feel a little weird at first, but the degrees of adjustment the Pinpoint trigger allows are absolutely fantastic! When fully adjusted it feels perfect.

I will definitely recommend your work to others!

Daniel Ribeiro - Portugal

Peter James
Thanks for the very quick delivery.
Ordered on Tuesday afternoon, fitted to my rifle by lunchtime Wednesday, very impressive.
Really pleased with the Following and double pointer.

Peter James - Dorset, UK

Paul Davies

great service Andras

thank you for the pellet holder,[ink well] for my UKneil sizers,i found the sizers were too small and fiddly in use, your holder now has transformed my pellet sizing to a quick and efficient process,the sizer snugly fits into the holder….,in use any dropped pellets are caught on the generous well top this saves loose pellets rolling around the table, and the whole holder can be placed in an empty pellet tin [jsb exacts in my case],i size about a hundred pellets in one session and the holder will easily hold this with out constant lifting .. thanks again

Paul Davies—Gadget Tondu FT club

Paul Davies - Wales

Andre Tappini

I bought a FolloWing Complete and a full adjustable trigger system.
These items are extremely necessary for a better experience in the Field Target universe, in my opinion.
Andras mixes his intelligence and his creativity wisely, producing objects well designed and useful for an improved stability during the shoot.
Thanks for your efforts Andras, they are very useful!

Andre Tappini - Città Di Castello, Italy

John Keen

I received my order from Andras yesterday and I’ve fitted the new offset wheel to my Sightron, it does the job perfectly, the offset means that the gaps between the 40-55yd markers is increased and is at least doubled the spacing on the original wheel as supplied by Sightron, I think they could learn
from this. Together with the linear pointer the set up is ideal. Thank you Andras.

John Keen - West Midlands, UK

Simon Durrant

I bought the FolloWing to fit my Vostok .22 target rifle. It was easy to drill and tap holes in my butt plate to attach it.
I shot in a competition today using it, wow what a difference it made.
My best score ever !!! At least a 15 point improvement.
Probably a score of 294/300
It makes everything so stable and repositioning and eye relief is consistent after each round is loaded.
A brilliant use for new technology in manufacturing.

Simon Durrant - Herefordshire, UK

Victor Rodway

Good job with the trigger … I recommend

Victor Rodway - Barcelona, Spain

Juan Vicente  Lumbreras Sanchez

profesional!! Serious and fast shipment!! obviously very useful items!!

Juan Vicente Lumbreras Sanchez - Toledo, Spain

Massimo Carloni

Purchased the MegaWing kit and adapter for my Steyr LG 110, really perfect, made carefully and lightweight. Very recommended.
To note the immense and spectacular availability of András in making an adapter for my Mec Contact III, practically perfect.
thanks Massimo

Massimo Carloni - Roma, Italy

Robb Harrison

Have ordered a couple of items for my P70FT in recent weeks, very pleased with both items and the next day delivery thereof.
Will certainly deal with you again András, great service.

Robb Harrison - Northumberland, UK

John Gray

First Class service ordered and delivered in 2 days. Very impressive. Will certainly deal with again.

John Gray - Northumberland, UK

Barry Simpson

If you own a scope that suffers temperature shift, the ideal solution would be to dial some sort of compensation into the sidewheel or it’s pointer. What could be simpler than range finding on your 55 yard target on the practice range and adjusting the pointer to the 55 yard mark on your wheel before each shoot?
Well the Maestro has just delivered to me, an adjustable pointer that actually works, looks great and doesn’t cost the earth! In fact, it doesn’t cost very much at all.
This guy knows how to deal with customers, the service was great, he communicates effectively and delivers when he says he will. There are one or two other FT accessory suppliers who’d do well to follow in this guys footsteps, they might learn a thing or two about good service. Highly recommended!
Thankyou Andras.

Barry Simpson - Essex, UK

Károly Kovács
First of all, I’d like to thank you Andras that you created FolloWing. I’ve got a Steyr lg110 FT, which has got Maestro Design’s “Raptor” stock anyway, it is very comfortable and useful product, too.

FolloWing is a very futuristic and innovative design. Since I’ve been using it, my shooting position is much more stable and I hit with more success. It gives me a huge self-confidence that I’ve got this device on my rifle. When taking standers, I can hardly feel the rifle’s weight. I do recommend FolloWing to all and also the other products of Maestro Design, because they are fantastic!

FolloWing is made of a very strong material, with a lot of adjustments for a shooter. I’ll surely try other products of Maestro Design, too.

Károly Kovács - Budapest, Hungary

Simon Ayers

I’ve now been using one of the PinPoint triggers on my Steyr for a few weeks. The fit of the part is perfect and I’m very happy with its function. I plan to leave it on there. The really incredible thing about this series of parts is the combination of choice and value for money; nothing else competes in these areas.

Simon Ayers - Suffolk, UK

Alexander Siegler

I’m using the FolloWing on my Steyr since two month with growing success. It has a very adaptable fit at the shoulder. After taking off the butt hook and adding more stock weights I’m getting closer to the perfekt feeling, when you don’t hold the rifle but rather the rifle grasps you. The wing is indeed very comfortable and is sufficient flexible to be used all the way from the shoulder down to the elbow. The adjustability is more than enough all shooting positions but since I tightened all the moving parts, the smaller SteadyWing could maybe do the same job, but the FolloWing has the broader area of support to the arm. It even prevents the sideway tilting of the rifle. The dark dull black surface feels a little like velvet and matches the black the black parts of my rifle very well. Overall I am happy that I bought this upper hook extension and plan to get one for my other competition rifle too.

Alexander Siegler - Hesse, Germany

Dario Gusmeroli

I am pleased that a field target shooter started to build accessories for field target, this is also a way to promote the sport and the products that meet the needs of shooters. Bravo Andras, when we meet I’ll have other requests, too…. :-)

Dario Gusmeroli - Milano, Italy

Simon Evans

I have tried a couple of different variants of the “Maestro Design FT Accessories” trigger range plus a couple of other accessories. I really liked the PinPoint round trigger button option, but wanted an offset version. Andras very kindly and quickly produced this and I have to say it is superb. An offset Ball version is next to be tried. Precise trigger control is essential at the Top of the Ft Grades where every target counts. I am also impressed with the extra Links for the System Gemini.

Simon Evans - Wales

Ian Young

The web site was very clear and easy to navigate and András was really easy to deal with via e-mail when I had some questions. One of my items was out of stock and András took the time to contact me and advise me of the situation. Where do you get customer service like that nowadays. The products themselves were of a very high quality, the laser sintered nylon was perfectly formed, allowing an excellent fit with the aluminium fittings. They also had a good even colouring. Most importantly of all, both the SteadyWing and Gemini Link were a perfect fit with the hook. I would definitely recommend a look at the products available and I for one will be back for more.

Ian Young - Essex, UK

Andrew Gillott

Andras was asked to design for me an off-set, adjustable trigger, to my specific requirements. This he did with exacting precision and I am extremely happy with it. The offset definitely helps. Thank you Andras!

Andrew Gillott - Nottinghamshire, UK

Peter Harrison

I purchased a black pyramid trigger , which I received the next day. I cannot believe how it has transformed the ‘feel’ of my EV2 Mk1. Admittedly a
good trigger but taken to another level with the addition of a maestro trigger. Great guy to deal with, excellent service, excellent website and simply an excellent product.

Peter Harrison - North Yorkshire, UK

Andrew Jurgens

I have been dealing with Maestro Design FT for a while now, and I have found their products to be excellent. Communication via the website, and directly with András, is always prompt and informative. I shoot regularly in competitions, in various types of weather, and Maestro Design products always perform.

The products are designed by a shooter, for shooters, so there is a good understanding of shooter’s needs, and every aspect is taken into account. I would recommend these products to anyone who is serious about shooting field target.

Andrew Jurgens - New Zealand

Patrick Stott

Many thanks for the trigger András and for your very helpful advice on choice of trigger blades. It is an excellent product, extremely well made and being offset is a real advantage. The design of the trigger actually helps facilitates proper trigger technique by encouraging you to pull directly back towards the pistol grip. Great to see a Field Target shooter designing products for fellow shooters!

Patrick Stott - Northern Ireland

Paul Dunwoody

My Combro with the Combrella fitted now works perfectly, I’ve had the chance to try it in both cloudy and bright sunshine conditions and where as before I would get “bad” errors or no reading at all in bright conditions it now works perfectly. I compared the speed readings with my shooting chrony and it gave the same speed each time I used it! I’m very pleased with the Combrella and it has made my chrony an invaluable tool I will take everywhere with me. Grate value and an indispensable shooting tool.

Paul Dunwoody - Cheshire, UK

Cliff Church

I’ve known András for a few years, not only is he a good guy and a pleasure to shoot with he’s one of the most committed and dedicated shooters that I’ve come across. His hard work and diligence have taken him to the top of field target at national and international level.

He’s now involved in designing and producing various bits for ft shooters. I ordered an Anschutz trigger blade and ComBrella and was hugely impressed with the build quality and speed of delivery. At last a shooter who knows what we want, gets it made and delivered.

Cliff Church - Hampshire, UK

Casey Robertson

I recently purchased a FolloWing assembly for my FWB P70FT. It took an already great rifle to the next level! The improvement in ergonomics from the security of the shoulder weld keeps me more steady and allows me to take down more targets. I was skeptical about the sturdiness of the nylon but have to say the fit and finish are outstanding. Nice work!

Casey Robertson - California, USA

Ian Millward

I would like to thank Andras ( maestro ) for his friendly and professional advice , and excellent service , regarding his FolloWing . I find it to be not only well designed , but equally well manufactured too .

Ian Millward - Staffordshire, UK

Sean Quigley

I am very happy with the FolloWing, it’s adjustability make it adaptable to any configuration you like, it gives a very solid setup.

Sean Quigley - Nottinghamshire, UK

Byron Chatziprodromou

I ordered a custom trigger for my Steyr LG110 and also asked a couple of questions in my email. Maestro-Design immediately came back to me with thorough, detailed answers, explaining each of the products. Following a seamless transaction a few days later I received the product, which reflected the great quality and craftsmanship. The fit was immediate and perfect. I was impressed with how much my rifle was upgraded with this great trigger!! Congrats András, keep up the great work!

Byron Chatziprodromou - Attica, Greece

Donovan Taylor

Firstly I must commend you on your professionalism in responding to all my questions in a very prompt manner. I am very satisfied with the quality of the MegaWing Kit and the confidence that it has given me especially in the off hand shots. It was very easy to install and is very well made.

After installation and fine tuning to suite my shooting style it felt like my rifle and I were one unit. Very nice accessory and I definitely would recommend it.

Donovan Taylor - Florida, USA

Greg Sauve

I was happy when I got my new butt plate, but ecstatic when I installed a “following” on it. It gives added stability and makes rangefinding easier by helping steady the rifle. It has not moved since I adjusted it. It is a permanent part of my set up.

Greg Sauve - Wisconsin, USA

Ettore Bottero

I wanted to congratulate you on the ComBrella. Just installed it onto the Combro, I tested it with dozens and dozens of shots… haven’t had a false reading ever since, however it happened quite often before. I am fully satisfied with the purchase for both the design but mostly for the better function that ComBrella gives the Combro. Thanks again the idea that you have accomplished, it’s fantastic! Continue to keep an eye on your site because of the ideas, good ideas should be rewarded.

Ettore Bottero - Alessandria, Italy

Alan Ford

Just a few words re the Gemini links I purchased. I am very happy with the links, the quality is spot on and it has transformed the way that the Gemini feels and the support it offers. It was a pleasure dealing with you and delivery was very fast.

Alan Ford - Ayrshire, UK

Casey Robertson - San Diego, USA

George Doganis

To Rick, Ron, Vince and whoever else was asking about the unusual shoulder “hook” my rifle was wearing at the Temecula Challenge: it is called a “FolloWing” and it is the creation of a very good WFTF shooter who resides in the UK. Please see below a link to his website (look at his blog and portfolio: lots of neat stuff he has done)

George Doganis - California, USA

‘Rutland Shooter’

I happened across this site; which caters primarily for the FT shooter; that offers a range of replacement trigger blades at reasonable cost. It might be useful for anyone who wishes to try these devices before spending large amounts with the usual suspects suppliers.

‘Rutland Shooter’ - Midlands, UK

George Doganis

I received the FolloWing and JOPA bipod. I really like both products! I installed the FolloWing on my Steyr w/Anschutz 4765 and I am getting used to it.

George Doganis - California, USA

Colin Cranstone

I was first attracted to the design of the PinPoint trigger blade assembly for the Steyr, there are innumerable combinations of blades and settings that should satisfy almost every requirement. I personally have settled on the “ball” blade. The components are well made and easy to assemble, I like the slightly “grippy” feel of the 3D printed nylon parts.

Maestro are a pleasure to deal with, the website is clear and easy to use and shipment of stock parts is very prompt.

Colin Cranstone - Hampshire, UK