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Scorpion Fully Adjustable FT Hook


Fully adjustable Field Target hook, with a completely different structure than the usual Gemini clones. Everything can be adjusted even in the shooting position, without disassembling the hook. Modular system that can be upgraded later if needed.

Massive construction, without any flex and slip, a lightweight and versatile alternative to the traditional metal hooks.

NEW: adapter for FTP-900 and EV-2 MK4 stocks is available among the extras.

For additional extras please see Scorpion FT Hook Extras.

Left handed shooters please check out this one: Scorpion L/H


Scorpion Fully Adjustable FT Hook

High quality Field Target hook system, fully adjustable and modular, see the full list of features below.

This hook is definitely for right-handed shooters. For a left-handed version please order the hook here and add the “L/H Version” on the Hook Extras page. Please note that L/H hooks are available only on backorder and most extra parts fit only if ordered together with the L/H hook.

Scorpion Hook sizes
Scorpion Hook sizes


I designed this hook specially for Field Target shooting, with some adjustments that are available on this hook only.

  • High quality laser sintered Nylon, polished and dyed ‘carbon black’ finish, stainless steel bolts and nuts.
  • Lightweight structure with a lot of adjustments
  • All adjustments available without disassembling the hook
  • This can be done even in shooting position (if somebody can help you)
  • Vertical adjustment with 2 thumb screws (it’s enough to fix one, so you can set the hook to extreme positions, too)
  • The hook can be removed easily for transporting the rifle
  • The whole hook can be tilted to the sides
  • Upper wing and lower part can be swung around the main axis
  • Upper wing and its extra links can be bent and twisted, too
  • Native connection with my unique FolloWing extension system
  • Three hook sizes: Mini = 30 mm / Short = 65 mm / Long = 120 mm visible length
  • Hook can be set in vertical angle, too (except for the fixed Mini hook)
  • Middle unit length can be increased in 10 mm steps
  • Square and oval base plates for connecting to metal or wooden stock, custom plates are available, too.
  • Fits to any stock: holes for M4 / M5 / M6 hex cap bolts, CTC can be anywhere between 15…100 mm. The slots on the base are 5 mm wide with 10 mm wide space for the head, which means that:
    – M4 bolts can be used with an M4 then an M5 washer, but it’s suggested to use flanged head bolts instead,
    – M5 bolts can be used with a washer,
    – M6 bolts fit but without a washer and a minimal DIY is needed to drill up the slots at the desired places
  • Please contact me with any questions, I can design any custom part or modify the existing ones, according to your needs.

Available Extras

Can be bought separately, so you can buy a basic hook and then get the needed extras later, when you already know from practice what you need exactly.

  • Extra Link (43 mm long)
  • Standard Upper Wing
  • FolloWing Extension + 1 Extra Link
  • Middle Extension Kit (adds 10-20-30 mm)
  • Mini Hook (30 mm visible length)
  • Short Hook (65 mm visible length, )
  • Long Hook (120 mm visible length)
  • Oval Base Plate (40×125 mm)
  • Custom Base Plate (any shape & dimensions)
  • Extra Base (use the hook on 2 rifles)
  • Left Handed Version (when buying a full hook)
  • Metal Adapter for FTP-900 / EV-2 mk4

For additional extras and an immediately available prototype please see Scorpion FT Hook Extras.

Scorpion hook - extra parts and spares
Scorpion hook – extra parts and spares

Additional information

Weight 360 g
Dimensions 200 x 46 x 245 mm
Upper Wing

Standard, Standard + 1 Link, Standard + 2 Links, Standard + 3 Links, FolloWing + 1 Link, FolloWing + 2 Links

Hook Type

Mini, Short, Long

Middle Ext. Kit

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