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Round 12 mm Trigger Blades

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Added a new trigger family to the FlexiPoint Spare Blades product page. These blades have a big round surface that fits to the fingertip. There are four different surfaces, they look quite similar but each version gives a totally different … Read More

EagleEye Prototype Photos

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Here are the photos of the EagleEye Scope Magnifier. This is the prototype, fully functioning but I’m still working on its final form… The frame contains a Fresnel type plastic lens, this is thin, flat, lightweight and unbreakable. The frame … Read More

Eagle Eye?

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As I’m getting older, it’s hard to see the sidewheel sharply. So my latest design is a scope magnifier for the ‘eagle-eyed’ ones… It fits to all scope models, fixed by two cable ties. The small window contains a Fresnel-type … Read More