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FWB Alutec Stock Middle Parts

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This kit converts a standard Feinwerkbau P70 Alutec stock to a real Field Target stock, adding a fully adjustable offset grip and also elevating the rear part by 50 mm, according to the high mounted FT scopes. Also the original … Read More

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Custom Stocks For Feinwerkbau

Custom stock parts for FeinWerkbau P70 Alutec stock! More info, pictures and prices: FWB Stock Middle Parts and FWB Stock Middle Parts – ALU

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Walther ‘RaptoR’ Stock Photos

The laser sintering is ready, the new parts arrived today. The stock stands of these four parts, because the maximum length is 310 mm (the longest part is exactly tat much). They are extremely strong, I tried to bend one … Read More

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Walther ‘RaptoR’ Stock & Scope Rail 3D Visuals

Some 3D visuals of he world’s first laser sintered FT rifle stock! And of course a new RaptoR scope rail, both for a Walther LG-300 Dominator rifle.

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SmartPin Extra: S&B + EEC

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This is a special version of the SmartPin Pointer, designed for my Schmidt&Bender scope. As we know, this scope model suffers from an extremely big temperature shift issue, every 10°C temperature change results 4.5 yards misranging on a 55 yds … Read More

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New Coupons In The Webshop!

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Added some new coupons to the webshop! :-) UK-75 — FREE UK DELIVERY on orders over £75 (except for RaptoR products, FWB rail and pellets) TENNER — GET £10 OFF any order over £150 FREE-PPT — GET A FREE standard … Read More

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