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Scorpion FT Hooks
Scorpion Fully Adjustable FT Hook
Scorpion Fully Adjustable FT Hook

Fully adjustable Field Target hook, with a completely different structure than the usual Gemini clones. Everything can be adjusted even in the shooting position, without disassembling the hook. Modular system that can be upgraded later if needed.

Massive construction, without any flex and slip, a lightweight and versatile alternative to the traditional metal hooks.

NEW: adapter for FTP-900 and EV-2 MK4 stocks is available among the extras.

For additional extras please see Scorpion FT Hook Extras.


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Scorpion hook - extra parts and spares
Scorpion FT Hook Extras

Extras and spare/replacement parts for the Scorpion v.4 FT hook system.

If you need anything else for your hook, please contact me and I’ll design what you need!


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