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SmartPin Linear Pointer


Precisely adjustable linear pointer for reading the parallax wheels in different conditions. For temperature shifting scopes, light/dark environments, old eyes etc.

Fits to all 1″ / 30 mm / 34 mm scope tubes or 42-43 mm ocular tubes – and needs only 22×12.4 mm space in width and length as seen on the picture. With stainless steel screws.

This pointer height can be adjusted within 15 mm or 25 mm (new!) with a thumb screw, allowing precise and repeatable positioning of the pointer. The scale has got 2 mm divisions. No need to fix and release, the pin has got some friction so it always stays where you set it with the screw, no accidental move (by your shooting jacket or rifle case).

The linear adjustable pointer comes with a thin Nylon strip that is very easy to cut, it is suggested to cut to the right shape with a sharp blade and use it as a template for making a metal plate as a final pointer.

Another variation for standard sidewheels: SmartPin Adjustable Pointer

Additional information

Weight 15 g
Ring size

1" (25.4 mm), 30 mm, 34 mm, 42-43 mm

Scale length

Standard (15 mm), Extended (25 mm)



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