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InkWell for Pellet Sizer


Pellet collector for pellet sizers (UK Neil d=16mm round and hexagonal 16mm at the moment), but I can design a variation for you to any other size). Please note that the pellet sizer is NOT included, it has to be bought separately from UK Neil or other manufacturers.

Can collect about 300 pellets. If you take the bottom plate off, will fit firmly into a tin so you can size the pellets directly into the tin.

High quality black ASA material, stainless steel screws.

Some words from the product’s first user: A great product. Very light. The UK Neil sizer slides into the ink well holder for a perfectly snug fit. Enables speedy sizing and any pellets dropped fall onto the top of the well. This stops the odd dropped pellet falling into your sized pellets by mistake. Perfect.

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Additional information

Weight 38 g
Your pellet sizer

Round d=16mm, Hexagonal 16mm, Custom size


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