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PinPoint Trigger


Precision trigger for the following rifles:

  • Anschütz
  • AirArms Pro-Target / EV-2 / FTP-900
  • Feinwerkbau (all models)
  • Hämmerli AR-20
  • Steyr LG-100/110
  • Thomas
  • Walther (all models)

The trigger comes complete with a Pyramids trigger blade. If you wish, you can order other trigger blades here:

If you need a trigger with more offset (up to 46 mm!) and much more adjustment options, check out my new Flexipoint trigger.


PinPoint trigger

After many years of experimenting with trigger blades, I designed a special one that really meets the FT shooters’ requirements.

  • Extremely precise trigger control
  • Wide range of surfaces (pyramids, grooves, ridges, flat shapes etc.)
  • Two sides with a coarse and a fine variation of the chosen surface
  • Warm surface, extremely good for winter competitions
  • Horizontal design so it gives always the same trigger weight
  • Wide flat surface that gives the sure feel of the pulling direction
  • Brings the firing point back to the symmetry plane
  • Or rotated with 180° gives an offset of 9.6 mm

The PinPoint trigger can be used on the vaste majority of Field Target rifles:

AirArms, Feinwerkbau, Hämmerli, Steyr, Thomas, Walther

  • One adapter for all: fits for shorter fingers or when rotated then for longer fingers
  • Longitudinal adjustment range: AirArms = 24 mm, Feinwerkbau = 30 mm, Hämmerli = 31 mm, Steyr = 34 mm, Walther = 27 mm (in general: length of the rifle’s trigger rail + 6 mm)
  • Please note that on Steyr rifles, there is a grub screw between the trigger rails, that shouldn’t stand out more than 2 mm from the plate, you might need to replace it with a shorter one or turn it more in when putting on the trigger.


  • For rifles with offset trigger rod (most modern air rifles)
  • For rifles with centre trigger rod (older air rifles, rimfire rifles)

Ready to use

All versions come with appropriate stainless steel bolts and nuts and are ready to connect to your rifle. You need only an Allen key to mount this new trigger.

Trigger blades

The PinPoint Trigger comes with a Pyramids (in two sizes on the two sides) trigger blade as default and now with 3 free blades of your choice from the Standard product range. If you’d like to try other shapes, you can order a great variety of additional trigger blades here:


Additional information

Weight 6 g
Adapter type

AirArms, Anschütz (centre rod), Anschütz (offset rod), Feinwerkbau, Hämmerli, Steyr, Thomas, Walther

Default blade


Bonus blade #1

Flat, Grooves/H, Grooves/V, Oval, Pyramids, Ridges/V, Round, Square

Bonus blade #2

Flat, Grooves/H, Grooves/V, Oval, Pyramids, Ridges/V, Round, Square



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