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EagleEye Parallax Magnifier


Magnifier for the parallax wheel, fully adjustable, with a lightweight and unbreakable 2x mag Fresnel lens. Visible lens size 12.5×38.5 mm. Fits to all major scopes, can be folded up for safe carrying. It can happen that you’ll need a stronger or weaker lens (depends on your eyesight), the frame can hold any flat lens up to 0.8 mm thickness or an acrylic lens that is cut to the right shape.

Ring sizes of the most common scopes:

  • Leupold Competition: 39-40 mm
  • March 80x, Nikko Mk1-2, BSA: 41-42 mm
  • S&B, Nikko Mk3, Sightron S-III: 42-43 mm

If you have got a rubber ‘scope enhancer’, you can choose the special ‘Enhancer’ version that is a flexible half cylinder and can be mounted on the rubber enhancer by two massive cable ties.

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How adjustments work:

Versatile adjustments of the magnifier window
Versatile adjustments of the magnifier window

Folding up to the safe position, onto the top of the scope:

Folding up into a safe position
Folding up into a safe position

Additional information

Weight 20 g
Ring size

39-40 mm, 40-41 mm, 41-42 mm, 42–43 mm, Enhancer



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