FlexiPoint Offset Trigger
FlexiPoint Offset Trigger
FlexiPoint Offset Trigger

Precision offset trigger with wide range of adjustments, for the following rifles:

  • Anschütz
  • AirArms Pro-Target / EV-2 / FTP-900
  • Feinwerkbau (all models)
  • Hämmerli AR-20
  • Steyr LG-100/110
  • Thomas
  • Walther (all models)

The trigger comes complete with a two-sided ‘pyramids’ trigger blade and now with a bonus blade of your choice. If you wish, you can order additional / other trigger blades here: FlexiPoint spare blades.

In most cases, it’s recommended to use the genuine FlexiPoint Trigger, because it connects more steady to the rifle action, using both trigger rods (German made rifles) or holding the rod by two grub screws (AirArms). But if you’ve got a custom stock that is too tight for the FlexiPoint trigger, a possible solution is to use a PinPoint trigger with this offset blade. For this option, simply choose PinPoint in ‘Adapter type’ drop-down menu.

If you’re after a simpler centre / small offset trigger, please have a look at PinPoint Trigger, too.


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FlexiPoint Spare Blades
FlexiPoint Round trigger blades, front view
FlexiPoint Spare Blades

These items are only spare parts for my trigger system (in black colour only), and allow you to try different surfaces and shapes to make sure, which one fits you the best in practice.

If you’d like to have a complete trigger, please click here: FlexiPoint offset trigger.

For detailed information please click on the tabs below:

Ball trigger with a 5 and an 8 mm ball on the two ends. Ball triggers are fine because you’ll always have the same trigger weight, but it’s a severe problem that you can’t feel the direction of the pull. If you ask me, you should rather choose a round trigger instead from my standard blades, it’s much better. This Ball trigger is available in Offset version, too.

FlexiPoint Blade - Ball 5-8 mm
FlexiPoint Blade – Ball 5-8 mm

‘Pyramids’ is an additional blade, it comes with a longer screw so you can attach it below the original Pyramids blade of the trigger, building a 12 mm high trigger surface.

FlexiPoint Blade - Pyramids
FlexiPoint Blade – Pyramids

These blades have a big round surface that fits to the fingertip. There are four different surfaces, they look quite similar but each version gives a totally different feel on the trigger, so you can choose the one that fits to your shooting style the best.

  • ‘Centre’ gives a d=2 mm sharp point in the middle, giving a very precise feedback of the actual pull weight, the edge gives only a small hint of the right pull direction.
  • ‘Deep’ follows the shape of the fingertip, giving a comfortable and evenly distributed contact on the whole surface.
  • ‘Edge’ is for those who are after the right pull direction, combined with a comfortable feeling of the deeper middle surface.
  • ‘Flat’ feels like a flat surface, simple and precise.

FlexiPoint Blade - Round Centre
FlexiPoint Blade – Round Centre

FlexiPoint Blade - Round Deep
FlexiPoint Blade – Round Deep

FlexiPoint Blade - Round Edge
FlexiPoint Blade – Round Edge

FlexiPoint Blade - Round Flat
FlexiPoint Blade – Round Flat


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