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Metal FT Hook


High quality metal hook for FT shooters

Product Description

Metal FT Hook

Maestro Design has become exclusive dealer of Peter Jacob’s stainless steel / aluminium hooks. They can be bought in a standard version or topped up with my articulated FolloWing extension.


I designed this hook specially for Field Target shooting, with some adjustments that are available on this hook only.

  • Aluminium and stainless steel structure (the FolloWing extension is high quality laser sintered Nylon, polished and dyed ‘carbon black’ finish).
  • For those who prefer a metal hook system to the full 3D-printed hooks
  • Some adjustments available without disassembling the hook, but some of them is available only after taking parts off
  • Vertical adjustment with a thumb screw
  • The hook can be removed easily for transporting the rifle
  • Upper and lower parts can be tilted to the sides
  • Upper wing and lower part can be rotated around the main axis
  • Upper wing with System Gemini compatible links
  • Connection with my unique FolloWing extension system
  • 30×120 mm base plate with rounded ends
  • Fits to most stock: holes with CTC 76 / 86 / 96 mm, with a little filing this can be anywhere between 76…96 mm, also new holes can be drilled into the plate
  • Please contact me with any questions, I can design any custom part or modify the existing ones, according to your needs.

Available Extras

(under construction)

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Additional Information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 200 x 46 x 245 mm
Upper Wing

Standard + 3 Links, Standard + 4 Links, Standard + 5 Links, FolloWing + 1 Link, FolloWing + 2 Links

Base Plate

Standard, FTP-900


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