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GAPacity Sidewheel


This wheel has got a special feature: all the gaps are nearly the same between 32-50 m (35-55 yds), every 5 m distance equals a 8-10 mm gap on the wheel. The big hole at the end is comfortable to adjust the wheel, also the other big hole can be used for quick adjustments.

There is a mark on the wheel, you have to mount the sidewheel in a way that this mark goes to the 50 m (55 yds) distance. After this, if you mark the other distances, you will find that all the longer distances are distributed evenly and with nice big gaps (depending your eyesight and rangefinding technique, minor differences may occur).

The sidewheel comes in a bundle with my SmartPin Long Scale / Linear adjustable pointer. Compatible scopes are Big Nikko MK1-2-3, Sightron S-III, Falcon T series, Leapers Accushot, Leupold Competition and S&B FT/PM-II at the moment, but I can design your own GAPacity wheel version for your scope.

Made of strong laser sintered Nylon or UV-stable ASA polymer, with stainless steel screws.

Please note that although the wheels are marked as “in stock”, dispatch time is usually 2-3 days.

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Additional information

Weight 35 g
Dimensions 140 x 10 x 81 mm

No thanks, SmartPin Linear

Scope model

Falcon T, Leapers Accushot, Leupold Competition, Nikko MK1-2, Nikko MK3, Sightron S-III, Schmidt & Bender, — Design my wheel! —



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