ProTurret Click Knob
ProTurret Click Knob
ProTurret Click Knob

A professional scope turret: resettable without any tool, adjustable bottoming ring, pellet holder, big diameter (54 mm). See the details at the bottom on the page.

This turret has been designed on a way, that it will fit to the scope and to my  EasyPin Extra pointer and DualCore sidewheel as well. If you order only a turret, please make sure that it does not clash with the third party accessories. If you have any questions, please contact me before placing an order. For Sightron S-III scopes please check your turret type (target/tactical, see the pictures on the left).

About the “Bottoming” option: if your scope turrets go slowly in and out when you click, I’d suggest to choose the “bottoming” version, with this you can always set your clicks back to the top of the trajectory and won’t be ‘one turn out’ accidentally. If the turrets keep their height while rotated, then always select “simple” (March, Hawke Airmax, S&B for example).

The pointer fits perfectly to my turret, I recommend to buy them together (you’ll get the pointer on a bundle price). The ring size will be automatically selected according to your scope’s tube diameter.

Made of strong laser sintered Nylon or UV-stable ASA polymer, with stainless steel screws. The pellet holder at the top is printed from a rubber-like material on the newer versions.

Please note that although the wheels are marked as “in stock”, dispatch time is usually 2-3 days.


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