DualCore Sidewheel
DualCore Sidewheel
DualCore Sidewheel

A unique parallax wheel with two centres: can be used in centered or in excentric position, wide space for the scale, strong and unbreakable. See the details at the bottom on the page.

This sidewheel has been designed on a way, that it will fit to the scope and to my EasyPin pointer / MultiPin / SmartPin and ProTurret Click Knob as well. If you order only a sidewheel, please make sure that it does not clash with the third party accessories. If you have any questions, please contact me before placing an order.

The pointers fit perfectly to my sidewheel, I recommend to buy them together. The ring size will be automatically selected according to your scope’s tube diameter. If you want me to send a pointer with an extended scale (10 mm more travel for the pin/stripe), please select your pointer type here and add 5 pounds to the order by using the Additional Payment page.

Made of strong UV-stable ASA polymer, with stainless steel screws. Please note that I have slightly modified the design, certain wheels may differ in smaller details compared to the photos.

Please note that although the wheels are marked as “in stock”, dispatch time is usually 2-3 days.


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Multipin multiple scope pointer
MultiPin – general view
MultiPin Scope Pointer

Multiple scope pointer for rangefinding in different environmental conditions. For temperature shifting scopes, light/dark environments, old eyes etc.

Fits to all 1″ / 30 mm / 34 mm scope tubes, and needs only 10×10 mm space in width and length as seen on the picture. With stainless steel screws.

This pointer has got 5 steel pins, 5 mm distances, covering a 20 mm range. You can remove any of them independently, and if you need a longer or shaped pin, you can simply replace the original pins with any <1mm wire.

Find out which pointer suits you best: Scope Pointer Comparison Table

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