My prototypes that have been used only a few times and now are for sale on a reduced price

FWB Stock Middle Parts
FWB Stock Middle Parts
FWB Stock Middle Parts

Replacement elements for the FWB P70 Alutec stock, giving new features to the rifle:

  • Fully adjustable offset grip
  • Elevating the rear part by 50 mm
  • Saving 250 g weight

Also the original grip can be used (but without the offset feature). The parts are made of laser sintered Nylon, lightweight but very strong, I personally have tested this kit on my rifle. The new design elevates the cheek piece part so it fits better to high FT scopes. The grip is fully adjustable, and the offset can be set between 7.5 and 22.5 mm.

Right handed, used but in “as new” condition, with some very small usage marks. Can be bought with a ball grip and/or with a grey anatomic grip.

In order to use this kit, you have to cut your original stock, and drill 3 new holes onto it, I’ll attach the technical drawings of all these modifications of course.

I can offer a full FWB collection, please contact me for a discounted price if you are interested in the following products together:


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FWB Custom Wooden Parts
FWB Custom Wooden Parts
FWB Custom Wooden Parts

Cheek piece & forend sets for FWB P70 Alutec or old style P700.

Made of cherry wood, with teak oil and hard oil finish.

With stainless steel screws.

Used, but in good condition.

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Laser sintered Butt-hook for Feinwerkbau
FolloWing for FWB
FolloWing for FWB

Special edition of the good old FolloWing, for Feinwerkbau rifles. It replaces the two moveable parts of the butt-hook. The massive upper part hold the FolloWing extension, and gives a wide contact surface. The triangular lower part acts as a small butt-hook, and can hold a d=10 mm extension rod if needed. Wil fit to the original FWB butt-hook with a minor modification, but please contact me before ordering.

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EagleEye scope magnifier on my S&B
Fresnel lens in the magnifier frame
EagleEye Parallax Magnifier v.1

Prototype version of the popular EagleEye Parallax Magnifier. Adjustable height and distance form the scope body. May be useful for front parallax scopes, mounted onto the top of the scope, or for side parallax scopes if you don’t mind the lack of the folding mechanism.

In good condition, as seen on the photos but with white cable ties.

This product is not in stock, it will be printed only when ordered. Please consider choosing the much more versatile final version of EagleEye Parallax Magnifier, it is only £5 more but with a lot of extras.

£29.99 £24.99

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